Safety Committees And Their Importance


There are a number of things we should be concerned about in our day to day working lives. Employers have a responsibility to their employees to make sure that they are working in fair, safe, and equal environments. Employee deaths are a liability that nobody can afford. Current statistics show that companies that face reoccurring, and prevalent lawsuits are more likely to face bankruptcy than other companies. It is your responsibility as employer to make sure you are compliant with the most recent and up to date workplace hazard and safety standards.

Things like hardhat protection, fall protection, hand rails, etc. There are several things that employers need to be aware of in the the emergence of workplace lawsuits. One man recently was a working for a client of mine using automated machinery and had his hand pulled into a grinder resulting in a fairly gruesome injury known as a degloving. Luckily, doctors saved his hand and the man returned to work two months later- but employers need to be aware and prepared for such events. The result of that incident was that a safety committee was formed. This committee pushed forward an initiative that placed importance on JHSC.

For individuals working in outdoor environments there are a lot of potential stressors that can present challenges. For example, there was a landscaping company recently down south where an individual working near a muddy marsh was eaten by an alligator. Not only are prehistoric era dinosaurs a present and very real threat but also things like Water Moccasins, Scorpions, and many other environmental hazards. Exposure to common pesticides, poisonous bushes, and others are also common issues.

In general, there are so many variables when it comes to safety in the workplace that there are entire organizations designed to teach and inform others of the information, such as the Public Services Health and Safety Committees . Please remember to be safe at work and remember your legal rights as an employee.