Effect Of Social Media On Global Healthcare: Positive Or Negative?

How can social media affect our global healthcare? Will it be positive or negative? Our technologies are getting more and more advanced as times goes by. One of it is social media. Social Media is so popular that even the young ones know how to use it. It influences every one of us and we often depend on it. As a user of social media, you are updated on the news, weather, your family, and friends’ lives. Using this platform helps us gather what we need to know, including our health. In a positive perspective, social media impacts our global healthcare in more advanced and helpful way by giving detailed and information to users. But it also has a negative result for using it as a tool for your own diagnosis.


For healthcare providers, the use of social media for them gives a positive result for exploring additional procedures that enriches their skills. It makes them advanced to the medical environment that provides a cutting-edge in health. For them, it is a research tool. They can publish their recent research, easily educate healthcare consumers, and direct the patients or consumers to their websites and landing pages for up-to-date information. They can market the pioneering services such as blockchain-based financial answers to other healthcare companies. They can post case data, photos, and outcomes as well as share patient assessments and statements. Lastly, they can give customer care and offer healthcare guidance through social media.


The downside or negative result is that users may become dependent on it. Like millennials nowadays, they seek more on the net than doctors. They give themselves their own diagnosis and self-medicate. In social media, we cannot deny the fact that it has a lot of information, but not all of it can be adopted or use by individuals. Using the social media in an incorrect manner can have a negative affect one’s life.


A lot of facts about the specific condition in health have a different explanation in social media. Without the healthcare professional assisting on what to do, your health may be in trouble. We still need the healthcare provider to give us the right advice for our health. Considering the benefits of social media, it can also bring negative effects to us by misusing the platform. Also, it is now considered as a comfortable way for many people to interact with their doctors. But remember that physician and patient confidentiality must still be observed.

Are Microbial Cleaners like Bio-Pure Safe for Dental Patients?

Relatively new to the world of dental evacuation cleaners, Bio-Pure is an alternative to chemical cleaners that is designed to eliminate biofilm that chemical flushing leaves behind. Although evacuation systems do not come in direct contact with patients, the fact that Bio-Pire does not use chemicals has left some dentists and hygienists wondering if the product is truly safe. Can practitioners and patients really trust a product that relies on “good” microbes to clean away harmful ones?

Safety of Microbial Cleaners

Companies that champion microbial alternatives, like Sable Industries (http://sableindustriesinc.com/) acknowledge that new products based on microbial sense will require rigorous testing and legislative approval before they are used in practice.

However, Bio-Pure’s evacuation cleaner has been safely used in practice for years, recognized as being completely safe for plants, animals, and of course people. Unlike chemical cleaners, it can be used anywhere there is organic waste and water. If the product spills, it can be easily swept or scooped up and the area washed with water.

That is not to say there are no precautions required when using the product. The product’s safety data sheet warns against allowing Bio-Pure to come into contact with the skin and eyes, as it may cause irritation on prolonged contact. As for ingestion, consumption of large dosages may product gastrointestinal disturbances, which is much less than one could expect from ingesting a similar cleaner that uses chemicals.

As for its effectiveness as a way to deal with microbes, Bio-Pure is so effective at eliminating bacteria that it only needs to be used twice a week, whereas chemical cleaners must be used at the end of each day to produce the same level of hygiene.

Why Use Microbial Cleaners?

As microbes have continuously built a resistance to chemical cleaners, dental practices have had to introduce increasingly more toxic chemicals to combat them. At the same time, there has been growing awareness among medical practitioners and the general public of the dangers of “super bugs”: microbes that resist all current means of infection control. It’s clear that cycle of ever-stronger chemicals and bugs will eventually become unsustainable.

Along with the cost savings that come with not having to use the product daily, this is one of the reasons why more dentists are using microbial cleaners like Bio-Pure.